Autofeeds offers an off line sheet fed rotary diecutting system, for the high speed production of ID and security cards, reward & loyalty cards together with insurance card mailers. (From previously laminated & personalized printed sheets)

Detail your services

  • Automatic deep pile sheet feeding and precise adjustable side registration.
  • Automatic and precise servo controlled print to cut registration
  •  to the rotary die tool
  • Precision crafted rotary die tool for perfect card quality every time (no external ties). 
  • Tooling costs at 1/10 punch press technology, on comparable yields.
  • Equipment costs at almost half that of punch press’ with triple the productivity. 
  • Custom delivery designs for the full range of laminated card requirements.
  • 75,000 ID cards/hr. including reward & loyalty cards & insurance card mailers. 


General System Data

Autofeeds offers intermediate off line rotary diecutting and delivery solutions for the emerging and established laminated card markets. With ID card production capability of 75,000 cards each hour on the typical 18” x 12” digitally imaged format.

Brief History: Autofeeds has proven its laminated card production technology with “in line” laminating, rotary diecutting, and delivery solutions, having production yields of up to 150,000 cards each hour. These systems are proven in production here in the United States, and elsewhere around the world, within highly demanding Government and private “Central
Issue” laminated card /security card and integral insurance card environments.

For the opposite end of that high yield environment we developed our LD9 laminating rotary diecutting combo, offering very economical hand fed solutions for instant issue ID, and all other (complex loyalty/reward) laminated cards, in an 8 ½” x 11” format.

We recognized the need for an intermediate priced (high productivity) “off line” system that could take previously
laminated sheets in the 18” x 12” format, and process them “off line”. That system is the subject of this brochure.

The Competition: With limited alternatives, almost all thermally laminated card producers were forced to adopt traditional, expensive, inflexible, and low productivity punch press technology for their card cutting needs.

Those days are over!

Return on Investment: This new off line system from Autofeeds cost’s almost half the price of the alternatives, produces three times the yield of the alternatives, and provides for ongoing tooling flexibility for all individualized and multiple (complex reward/loyalty) card programs for 1/10 that of punch press tooling costs. With NO external ties required.

Our custom delivery systems are able to handle these card volumes effortlessly.