System Details


  • Proven production capability of 75,000 ID cards each hour from sheets of 21 cards up.
  • Offering the unique capability to register individual sheets to security film imaging. 
  • Rotary technology eliminates make ready and tooling costs are 1/10th that of punch press technology.
  • Rotary diecutting technology reduces costs to 1/10 when compared with punch press equipment. 
  • Superior cut quality with no external ticks required and no fibers to card edges throughout tool life. 


General System Data

This system is designed around Autofeeds highly successful HSTS 3048 Thermal Laminating System (with servo sheet registration), together with Interflex’s leading edge rotary diecutting technology, (with servo web registration), and has been integrated seamlessly with the high productivity card manufacturer in mind. This system is not limited to the production of ID cards,
and any style or caliper of thermally laminated plastic card can be produced on this system at very high speeds



 Typically a 10 mil substrate of Teslin or other synthetic paper is laminated with a thermally activated polyester film of 10 mil caliper (either side) to create a .030” caliper finished card. Our systems versatility permits any combination of substrate and film within arrange of between .0015” & .015” caliper films and 20lb bond papers up to .030” card stock.

Alternate Finishing:

If “off line” diecutting or processing is preferred then Autofeeds can simply provide accurate sheeting at the exit from the laminator and create sheeted laminated product.

Security Film Registration Option:

With the increasing requirement for security features such as holograms to be imbedded within the laminate films, the cost of these films has risen tremendously especially in light of the traditional “wallpaper” patterns required of these security features. Autofeeds is able to position individual security features within the laminating film to the printed sheets, reducing the individual security features required within the film web to the number of cards printed upon any given sheet.

The Rotary Diecutter:

The rotary diecutter provides for completely reliable and cleanly cut accurately sized cards for literally millions of impressions for each rotary tool. On a traditional 7 x 3 card configuration on an 18” x 12” sheet, the diecutting tool is manufactured at 7 wide x 3 around producing 21 cards each second, or at every rotation. The rotary tool is vertically adjustable to the rotary anvil, and this adjustment is accomplished in moments, thereby virtually eliminating make ready.