High Speed Two Sided Thermal Laminating System (AMF Feeder)



  • Cast alloy electrically heated and hard anodized heat rolls reaching operational temperature in just 8 minutes 
  • Aluminum construction water cooled “S” wrap chill roll cooling system supplemented by upper and lower independently operated banks of fans. 
  • Integral edge trim waste rewind. 
  • Maximum line speed normally 150ft/minute up to 300ft/minute for specialty applications, with 10 mil films.  
  • Constant film web tension is now standard. Automatically controlling film web tension from a full roll to the core 


General System data

AFI Feeder: AMF 3048 (maximum Sheet Size 30” wide x 48” long. Minimum Sheet Size 5” x 8”)

 This high technology feeder was designed specifically for the thermal laminator and utilizes back separation feeding technology (not a vacuum drum) guaranteeing the ultimate in reliability with no risk of scuffing when feeding even the most difficult weights of pre-printed
materials. Precise sheet pitch and parallelism afford an accuracy that virtually eliminates film waste. Both gap and overlap feeding (for single side work) is standard. The entire feeder and registration table is mounted on rails for instant retraction of the feeder in the event
access to the laminator front end is required. The registration table is a unique feature never before made available to the laminating industry, incorporating multiple inclined rollers and a sophisticated ball cage side guide with fine lateral and angular controls. This feature enables instant hand feeding and uninterrupted running even during feeder set up and loading.

Standard Feeder Features Include:
• Precise computerized keypad controls for precision sheet gap (or overlap) set up and all other machine functions.
• Full 36” load height capacity for even the largest sheet size. (30” x 48”)

• Custom Heights and widths available
• Exceptionally reliable back separation feeding utilizing search suckers to compensate for product wave, and independently timed
main and separation blows, all eliminating the risk of product scuffing or slippage common to vacuum drum feeding.
• Both side loading and rear loading capabilities for accessibility with comfort and safety.
• The entire feeding module and registration table can be retracted on rails for access to the laminator infeed as required.
• A 54” multiple roller registration table with fine lateral and angular adjustment ensures perfect parallelism into the laminating
module and instant “no set up” hand feeding, eliminating the traditional and awkward hand feed table arrangements.

AFI Laminator: HSTS 3048
The HSTS 3048 represents a highly innovative approach to thermal laminating and replaces much of the traditional technology perpetuated by other manufacturers. The HSTS 3048 provides exceptional performance and reliability at a sensible cost with the ability to run heavy gauge films at remarkable speeds. The machines heat roll construction, film web geometry, and chill roll station are examples of the many vital elements that enable the HSTS 3048 to double the throughput of our closest competitors. The HSTS 3048 Thermal Laminating System is able to consistently encapsulate products with 10 mil films at speeds in excess of 60ft/minute
with 3 mil films easily maintaining 150 ft/minute and 1.2-1.7 mil films at more than 200ft/minute (for customized drive applications) 

Standard Machine features include:
• Uniquely constructed 6” diameter cast alloy heat rolls that are hard anodized for durability, providing exceptionally uniform and
rapid heat transfer through all film gauges with the ability to laminate 10 mil films at speeds in excess of 50 ft/minute. Eight-inch
diameter rolls now available on super high productivity holder (SHP).
• Digital and independent heat roller temperature adjustment providing very accurate temperature control.
• Interlocked stainless steel heat roll and laminating roll heat shields for safety and additional film heat retention.
• Upper and lower automatically operated heat roll wrap idlers mounted on swing arms for easy web up away from heat source.
• Unique adjustable pressure and foot print settings at laminating nip for precise product quality control.
• Side loading of lower film via lower unwind trolley assembly. (24”diameter film roll capacity).
• Upper unwind carriage fine lateral adjustment for film web alignment. (24” diameter film roll capacity).
• Both upper and lower 3” core shafts are fitted with adjustable web tension controls at each end.
• Single or dual (optional) banks of 6” high capacity independently controlled fans supplement the chill roll cooling system.
• Water cooled aluminum construction adjustable contact S wrap chill roll system, that cools the film sufficiently to permit sealed
edge slitting of 10 mil encapsulated products at speeds in excess of 50 ft/minute without film edge curl or adhesive build up.
• Edge seal slitters with fine lateral adjustment and rotating trim support for precise and safe edge trim operation.
• Integrated edge trim rewind, eliminating edge trim wraps and any hazards associated with trim accumulation around the machine.
• Optional dual upper and lower film roll modules, which permit film roll changes in less than 60 second. Film rolls can be prepared
while machine is in production. (Standard with SHP holder)

AFI NTA-30 HS Autocutter
The NTA-30 HS Autocutter is without question the industry leader in all respects and is in fact the only cutter capable of keeping pace
with the HSTS 3048, which easily exceeds 200 ft/minute on many film calipers. The NTA-30 HS Autocutter remains unsurpassed in that
it is now designed to cut all weights of films including full width 10 mil polyesters at speeds up to 200 ft/minute while maintaining an
accuracy of +/- .005”.