NTA-30 High Speed Autocutter

General Information

  •  Flush cut your thinnest films with unsurpassed speed and accuracy. 
  •  Cut nose and tail margins, negative cut, and fixed length cut encapsulated products with up to .030” of film content 
  • Use our standard sheeting feature to cut a variety of materials up to 200ft/minute to a cut length of +/- .005.” 
  •  Purchase our register mark option to cut underlap single sided lamination or opaque films to a register mark or print image. 

Additional Information

Autofeeds is an established leader in the manufacture and supply of sheet fed converting machinery with over 45 years experience. With speeds in excess of twice that available from other manufactures, attainable without sacrificing accuracy, and with sophisticated user friendly solid state electronics at the leading edge of current technology, this rugged unit has become the industry standard. This machine’s fine reputation is testimony indeed to it’s engineering evolution and substance. We manufacture the NTA 30 HS AUTOCUTTER in Green Bay, WI, with service support and parts available from that same location. 



Standard Machine Includes:

  • Up to 200ft/minute cutting speed while maintaining precise cut accuracy. (100 ft/minute when double cutting 8 ½” lengths)
  • Differential margin, negative & flush cutting. 
  •  Sheeting capability.
  • Variable high speed DC exit conveyor. 
  • Trim removal ejection device.
  • Fixed pause or stop at conclusion of pre-set product batch count.  
  • Ongoing counter display with total produced and “to do” count.
  • Fixed length encapsulation. 
  • Skip a gap feature
  • Locking caster stand.
  • Powerful PC controller utilizing key pad control, with diagnostic help program and LCD display for continuous monitoring capability.
  • Tight web arm for precise laminator match speed characteristics.
  • Air flow valve control ensuring smooth and quiet knife operation. 
  • Electronic roll wear compensation.
  •  Photocell sensitivity adjusters. 
  • Solid state proximity detection throughout. 
  • Skip a cut feature.