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Mr. John D. Regier
President Northwest Publishing,
Milwaukie Oregon

We have been a long time client of *** and after years of frustration, and expense, working with inept equipment, we switched to Autofeeds. it was the best decision we ever made. The Autofeeds equipment works like a dream. Thank you Autofeeds.

Mr. Dale Schaefer
Co-Owner Art Bindery
Birmingham, Alabama

I have been running Autofeeds laminators for over six years and presently have three lines. With it's impeccable design, rugged construction and ease of operation, the Autofeeds is, without doubt, THE industry standard for our trade.

Mr. Mike Barishman
President, Arrow Laminating
Los Angeles, California

Da' Feeds performs, and performs, and performs...

Mr. Matthew Mitchell
Owner Socal Laminating
Los Angeles, California

I have been working with Autofeeds for over 6 years and recently I have started my own company. I started Socal Laminating with the Autofeeds HSTS 3048 laminator because it's the fastest and most reliable machine on the market. Autofeeds in always improving their laminator and to me that's a sign of a great company. I particularly like the automatic constant tension feature, which eliminates film tension upsets and curling. Thanks for the help in making Socal what it is today.

Mr. Tyron M Chin
Production Manager TAB
Ontario Canada

Operator friendly and easy to use.

Mr. Jack Wilson
Production Manager, G-Neil
Ft. Lauderdale FL

We purchased an Autofeeds Two-Sided Laminating System about 4 years ago. It has operated flawlessly, 2 shifts every day sometimes 6 and 7 days per week. While Machine speed is important (feet per minute), what is equally or even more important is the amount of "production time" you yield from each hour worked. Autofeed's dual roll stations and external loading platform yield more "run time per hour" than any other system I've seen. We have had them all, D&K, GBC, and Ledco over the years. Now we own the Rolls Royce of the sheet fed, 2 sided lamination systems.

Mr. John Rhein
Bowne Marketing and Business Communications

We have purchased several Autofeeds systems because of their excellent customer support, ease of use and reliability. When you add in the increase in throughput and decreased waste we get from these lines, Autofeeds is the best choice for our business.

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1) AUTOFEEDS Labor Law Posters Finishing Equipment
  • This footage depicts our high speed labor law poster/wall chart solution running at 150ft/minute on 3 mil and 1:7 films for labor law posters, annual calendars, and large format chart work. We have these machines placed in all of the major labor law manufacturers throughout the United States.
2) AUTOFEEDS Diecutting Laminating Promo
  • This footage depicts our automated high speed card manufacturing solution for "high volume" health care, loyalty, and national ID programs. You may know that these systems are installed in Mexico, Haiti, Pakistan, France, England, Ecuador, and of course domestically at a dozen or more major 4:6 users across the country, being the most effective and versatile high volume card manufacturing solution available from a single source supplier.
3) AUTOFEEDS Unwind/Slitter/Sheeter Promo 2013
  • This footage depicts an automatic unwind, sheeting, perforating, scoring and slitting thin stock promotional coupons, and demonstrates our versatility in custom converting systems.
4) AUTOFEEDS Cartvertising line run at max speed
  • This footage depicts an elegant solution for the creation of dual streams of finished edge sealed promotional cards and avoids film waste while maximizing finished product yields in one pass, and demonstrates a typical customization of standard equipment for a particular application.